Rahmat Na’Allah, MD, MPH, FAAFP

Dr Na'Allah is a family physician who specializes in high risk obstetrics and women's health. In her service as a board member of the Peoria City/County board of health, she is part of the community wide effort to reduce the number of babies born early and/or with low birth weight. CenteringPregnancy is one of the proven methods of decreasing preterm birth and reducing the wide gap between babies born to Black vs. White women. She feels privileged and honored to be part of this initiative to better the outcomes of our moms and babies.

Jeree Frost, DO

Dr. Frost is a Family Medicine resident, who is on the OB/women's health track at the University of Illinois in Peoria. She completed medical school at Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma. She is passionate about Centering Pregnancy, because she wants to decrease preterm birth rates and poor outcomes for babies and moms in minority groups, since she, herself has been affected by this. Dr Frost’s goal is for fewer families to experience what she and her family went through as result of having their baby being born too early. She is honored to be making a difference in the lives of women in Peoria.


Kristina Dakis, MD

Dr. Dakis is a high risk obstetrics and women's health fellow at the University of Illinois in Peoria. She recently completed her family medicine residency in Chicago where she first fell in love with delivering babies. Dr. Dakis moved to Peoria not only for the amazing training program, but because of all the opportunities to address maternal health disparities in the community. Dr. Dakis is thrilled to be a CenteringPregnancy provider and believes this approach to prenatal care will help Peoria moms have happier and healthier pregnancies.


Kari beth watts, do

Dr. Watts is a family physician who fell in love with obstetrics after delivering her first baby as a medical student. Originally from Michigan, she has done all of her clinical training in Peoria and is passionate about continuing to serve the women in this community. Dr. Watts believes that patients of all backgrounds deserve the same compassionate, equitable and high-quality care, and she is excited to provide that care through CenteringPregnancy at the Family Medical Center. She looks forward to seeing this program make a positive impact on the health of mothers and babies in the Peoria community!

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brenda Pecotte de Gonzalez, DO

Dr. Gonzalez is an OB track family medicine resident at University of Illinois - Peoria.  She believes that pregnancy and delivering babies is a very exciting and unknown moment in both mom and baby’s life and she is honored to be a part of that.  Dr. Gonzalez is excited to be involved in the CenteringPregnancy initiative in Peoria- where both peers and providers offer support at one of the most important moments in a patient’s life.


kristen dent, md

Dr. Dent is a high risk obstetrics and women's health fellow at the University of Illinois-Peoria. She completed her family medicine residency in Memphis, TN where she was able to realize her passion for obstetrical care. Due to her desire to provide full spectrum family medicine care, including vaginal and Cesarean deliveries, she chose to enter Obstetrics/Women’s Health fellowship here in Peoria, Illinois. Dr. Dent is excited to be a part of the Centering Pregnancy team by providing traditional OB visits for the Centering patients in-between their group session visits.


Jimena Lopez

Jimena is a community organizer committed to providing patients with the best quality of prenatal care. The amazing potential CenteringPregnancy has in reducing disparities in preterm births and low birth weight was the key factor that brought her to get involved with this program.
She is currently working on getting her Medical Assistance Certificate at Illinois Central College.
She is CenteringPregnancy Peoria co-facilitator for HHS - Carver and FMC.